Black Beauty

The internet does have its advantages. There are websites which deal with old bikes exclusively, and if there´s an Ellis-Briggs for sale, my appetite is whetted instantly.

Knowing that Ellis-Briggs have all their frames on record since after WWII, I find it irresistible to get one which is not on the register. I love riddles. In the case of an E-B it is easy: Find one of the handful of surviving 1930s frames, and, hey presto, Paul will be out of his depth. Ha. Here is one, in seemingly original livery, and with a lot of parts that might well have been hung on the frame 75 years ago:

BTW, a thing I just found out: Click on a picture, any picture, for a bigger one. Very helpful.

Anyway, back to the bike. Hilary Stone says that he thinks E-B don´t have any records of very early bikes because they probably didn´t make the frames in house. The old frames certainly don´t have the typical four digit frame number.

The bits on this bike are quite worn, the mudguards are repaired in a rather rough and ready way, but the bike spells patina and has a very genuine feel to it, save perhaps the handlebars and extension. These however are counterbalanced by the typical 30s Resilion Cantilever brake.

No brake in the rear – you find this often in old catalogues on cheap to medium priced bikes with a fixed wheel, so that is ok.

And don´t I just love those old transfers.

Here´s just a few more detail pics with not much comment necessary.

EBbb EBbell EBbluemels EBchainwhl EBearthscewfrontfork EBframeno EBftdohub EBfull EBhbarext EBheadcliptopheadlug EBheadclipvonvorn EBheadluforkcr EBheadtransf EBmudgstayeye EBpumppeg EBreardo EBrearhub EBresilion EBrim EBseatcl EBseatcltop


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