Not much to say about this one, except…

… that´s it´s quite nice, and I got it because I had the flu.

This was in the days before the internet, when people sent real faxes. There was this friend of mine who sold the bike collection of a deceased friend of his as the widow wanted to get rid of all of it. He wrote a list and faxed it to a number of interested parties, among which there was the party off work in bed recovering from a bout of the flu. So I heard the fax machine working, went to get the message, saw instantly that there was something special (size!) there, picked up the phone and seconds later I had secured the frame.

I was told later that among the many reactions to the fax there was one by an American who phoned from the airport saying he was on the way to get the frame. Good thing he phoned before departure and not on arrival.

And here is what I made of the frame.

I know that the spearpoint rear dropouts call for a derailleur, but I had this ASC knocking about and on it went. My other SL has derailleurs, I´ll come to that in due course.

It´s said that this cradle construction was pinched from aircraft design. If that´s true it´s a plane I certainly wouldn´t like to sit in. My guess is that the SL works despite of its construction, not because of it, and I´m afraid to say that its ride reflects this. I have never ridden a bike with more shimmy and which felt more wobbly.

But then again I´ve never ridden another bike which has its initials (T and S) cut in the lugs.

The Hellenic seatstays don´t help with the ride.

Does this remind you of a Hetchins? It should. The explanation is in Hilary Stone´s book Ease with Elegance: Hetchins´ framebuilder helped to get Thanet off the ground.

And of course you will remark that the typical curved seatpin is missing. It is, and I´ve never missed it. The frame is quite tall, and as such quite long, and I just don´t need it.


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