So Strange

No story with this one, just a frame that I bought about 15 years ago and which I hung a lot of nice bits on. I must get round to replacing the modern seatpin with a period one. According to Trevor Jarvis this is one of the earliest surviving Gates.

New old stock rims – I unwrapped them after they must have been wrapped for the best part of half a century, or even longer. Had to drill out lacquer that had run into the spoke holes, one by one.

Resilion Cantilever brakes – the in stuff during the thirties. Beasts to set up, though.

Sturmey-Archer T hub. Two speed fixed, medium ratio, was intended to save riders the flipping over of wheels when wanting to change gears on a double sided fixed. If you slide a freewheel onto the 12 spline driver you have a freehub. Was advertised as weighing less than a bar of chocolate, or something like that.

Great period saddle. Looks worse on the photo than it really is.

Weighs more than a bar of chocolate, definitively.


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