While I´m at it…

… I might as well post a bike which is also my son´s, though he´s long grown out of it.

It introduced him to fixed gear riding at the age of 12 – can´t start soon enough. He used it last in track guise about two years ago (?) when the new Apeldoorn/NL indoor track was opened with a show ride on old steel.

Here´s two more snaps before I have a little story about it.

The story goes like this.

At the first edition of the marvellous Oudenaarde/Belgium Retro Ronde run there were a few participants who came on, let´s say, iffy bikes. Especially one woman rode a Peugeot which wasn´t roadworthy at all, and neither she nor her partner could do anything about it, and they were looking quite forlorn.

So we stopped and after a while my son became bored with waiting for the repairs to be finished. As he had had two seasons of randonneuring, having learned to navigate by signposts and often seeing them before I did, I suggested that he ride ahead, and off he went. After some minutes I gave up on the Peugeot and cycled on myself. I knew that my son wasn´t a slow rider and so I wasn´t worried when I didn´t catch up with him for some time.

At the food stop, a farm, with free ice cream, there was no sight of my son. I even went to where the children could stroke rabbits, also free, but usually not my son´s idea of spending an afternoon; however, no son. It dawned on me that he must have had lost his way.

It then turned out that that very day our mobile phone provider did not offer any services abroad, major computer problems, so no mobile phone, either. I began to get decidedly nervous when a slightly distressed child on a 1940s Sun raced round the corner and came to a screeching halt in the farmyard. A number of free ice creams later it became clear that my son had indeed overlooked a signpost and gone the wrong way, but then had done just what we did when getting the route wrong on a ride, turned round to find the sign right at the beginning of the stretch he had started on his own.

Who says kids can´t have any adventures nowadays?


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