Not For Vegetarians

Nearly 20 years ago something wondrous happened: A collector who should have known, or should have looked, didn´t, and so he sold me this bike as having no recognizable brand.

The thing was that I liked it very much and bought it on the spot, without much ado, brand or no brand. Upon returning home I grabbed an oily cloth and discovered forthwith that there were two spots on the bike where it clearly said “ADLER”, so the task of identifying had been easy.

A quick phone call to an Adler specialist netted a photocopy of a 1902 catalogue, and there it was: A Model 72 half racer, minus its front brake and steering lock. But it still had its original tool pouch and  pedals, both items not to be sneered at.

What I had liked right from the start were the handlebars. Their downwards slope is just great, both as a looker and when riding.

Also both wheels seem to be original as they have typical Adler hubs, nicknamed “sausages”. Adler was one of Germany´s first and foremost cycle brands at the time, situated in Frankfurt of modern banking fame. They made nearly all components for their bikes in house, and so the hubs can readily be identified.

I have ridden the bike, even in town, never mind the consequences (fixed wheel, no brakes), years and years before anyone spoke of fixies, and people just didn´t care. I think nowadays with the fixie craze at full swing any police officer I might meet would throw the book at me.

Oh well, the craze will vanish, but the Adler will endure. Patience and an oily rag, the secrets behind cycle collecting.



  1. Posted March 9, 2012 at 4:32 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Okay, here is eveything in English so I’ll try it also:

    A very nice post, I also love those old things. The best about the post is in any case the headline but I’ve to say that I understood the joke not directly, I had to read it two times 😉
    Kind regards,
    Lisa Speckmann

  2. Dwight
    Posted October 14, 2014 at 8:26 am | Permalink | Reply

    Hellow there . I have one the same . Different bars. Could you tell me the chain pitch please if you know. Thanks

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