I guess it´s about time I explained a few things – like the strange post titles.

Simple: I´m afraid that too many uninvited people might look and perhaps even steal photos for fraud purposes. That´s why I keep bike names out of post titles.

What I´ll do from now (well, not right away; it´s getting late) is that I´ll have a table of contents in my “about” profile in the top left corner of the page. I´ll keep it up to date to make life easier for readers should they want to find specific bikes again after some time.

Why this now, why this at all? I´ve discovered what the “stats” are. Don´t laugh; I´m the haptic type, I´m just not made for the internet. I have found that this blog has had more than 1,200 hits so far, which has bowled me over, and I must add that I feel really flattered. Had people asked I would have said “Maybe a dozen”, judging from followers and commentators, but 1,258 – wow.

It seems there are readers from places like South Korea and Hungary, the Dominican Republic and Australia. Most are from Germany, strangely enough, but the US and the UK are close behind, so I´ll keep posting in English. I enjoy writing in English and at the same time I can keep my proficiency level up which I need for my job.

Also if there are people reading this who can explain why there´s 201 readers one day and 4 the next, or why there are 12 people one day, out of which there are 10 Belgians, that nation never to feign any significant interest in my blog afterwards – please write a comment. I´d love to find out more about this fascinating medium. Thanks.

Oh, yes, forgot: HAPPY 35TH BIRTHDAY, APPLE ][ !


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