Long Mountain

On May 5, there was a cycle ride quite near to where we live, only five minutes away on the bike. Great. Not so great: Rain and 7 deg C. Not many riders came, about a fifth of last year, and those who did start rode the bare minimum. This was a great shame as of course preparations were the same for the club who signposted the route, established control posts, and did all the million other things necessary to get an RTF under way. Also the route is one of the nicest in the annual RTF circus.

One rider who came was a member of a neighboring club who owns a very unusual bicycle. We rode a miserable 75 km together and then went to my home to warm up, so I took the chance to take a few photos.

The bike is a Langenberg built near Kassel, Germany, about 7 or 8 years ago. The owner can´t remember what the tubing is, but the build quality seems to be very good. Guesswork, of course, how much is hidden by the powder coating which I´m not too fond of generally. Here are some snaps.


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