The Pressure…

Lots of people have been reading this blog which I find quite flattering, but I won´t succumb to any possible self built up pressure to publish more frequently than I have good ideas. I don´t know if this is a good idea, but I´ll post it, anyway. For posts like this I have added a new category called Tidbits.

This is a record cover covering good old fashioned vinyl. Why it appears here is obvious, and I found the story behind it quite interesting. Inside the cover there is a printed explanatory note: The group “De Troubadours” was formed in the Netherlands in 1933, during the Great Depression, when four unemployed men got on their bikes and sang in Cafés in the Twente area. They were accepted by the public as one of the better choirs and kept on singing, employing more members, and still existed in 1981 when the record was pressed.

And here´s the weirdest thing about it: I can´t tell you yet what the music sounds like because the hole in the middle of the record is too small for my record player. The record won´t go on until I´ll have drilled it out. It´s not my turntable which is to blame, all my other records fit, and it´s Swiss precision anyway.

One last question: Is listening to, say, Leo Kottke on 1970s vinyl the musical equivalent to riding fixed? The feeling´s similar, anyway.


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