More Steel, Gimme More Steel

Here´s some additional snaps I took of really beautiful frames which were on the Bielefeld (Sprintax) and Oelde rides. First, though, a big thank you to the Borchen boys and girls for a wonderful day – great fun riding in your group every time. Here´s the boys first:

And the whole lot of them, including the girls:

Looking forward to next time.

This is what we encountered on the way: St Vit abbey. It was one of those wonderful rides with everything perfect, the weather, the route, the people, the landscape, down to the food at the control posts. We took our time and covered the 113km in a bit over 4hrs 30mins, and enjoyed every second.

But here´s some of the steel we saw.

For instance this wonderful Colnago – lots of chrome, great lugs, but the Rickert topped them all. Fully plated, marvellous original paintwork and Björn, its owner, has promised to find the parts that are age appropriate. No more comment necessary.

The weekend before there had been the annual Sprintax ride in Bielefeld. Bielefeld has a number of cycling clubs, perhaps this is still because the town was one of the two major German centres of bicycle production until the car boom in the early sixties. There were dozens of bicycle factories, among them famously Dürkopp who made absolutely everything themselves, excepting perhaps saddles, which came from a factory down the road, and tyres. Dürkopp bearings were famous for their precision and longevity, the works now having been taken over by Toyo now.

Sprintax traditionally start their ride at the Bielefeld university campus which is a huge block of buildings purpose built in the seventies. They are sponsored by a big firm which makes hair shampoo, strangely enough. Here´s some of the steel from their ride.

This is a Moser with a combination of lugless and lugged (bb) construction. Not sure about the paintwork, though.

And two Tommasinis, only partially photographed because of the cramped space before the start. Lateron the bikes were gone with their riders probably a good few kph faster than I am.

Planning to do a book review next, an early German training manual by one of the most controversial authors in the cycling field.


  1. Ben
    Posted June 12, 2012 at 7:26 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Really nice pictures, thank you! The text I could enjoy as well if you were to use apostrophes instead of acute accents 😉

    • Posted June 18, 2012 at 7:55 am | Permalink | Reply

      Well, firstly I can live with acute accents, my personal enjoyment of texts depends on other things, and secondly it´s wordpress´s problem – I key in apostrophes.

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