A Red from Berlin

I really need to get this off my chest.

The weather is horrible now, I have already taken the grey Columbus monster and the yellow Lüders to bits, and so here we go again. Three posts in a day. At what point does addiction start?

This is a ca. 1990 Lüders from Berlin kitted out with a Record 9sp groupset, or what I hope will become one eventually. I bought the bike last week for spares but then decided it was worth keeping, at least until I find out how much/how rare 27.2mil Record titanium seatpins and the correct pedals are. Else, I could use some Record 9sp. bits quite well on my Randonneur (carbon brifters…).

I had an email from the people who continue Lüders´ shop in Berlin, and all they know is that the last two figures in Lüders frame numbers tell the year in which the frame was built, so this one is 1990.

I also wonder if this

is the period correct part. Need to look it up on the Campag catalogue website.

The Lüders is about six years older and supposedly the same quality point as the Rickert I hope to post soon, but the Rickert has a much better finish and build quality. I need to have my son ride the Lüders as it much too small for me. He will then be able to tell me if it rides as ghastly as it looks.

This for instance AFAIK is genuine Lüders paint:

Substandard is an understatement here.

OTOH there are nice spots. What I like is the Reynolds sticker on the down tube just above the bottom bracket. This seems to be a Lüders signature feature as te other one has it too. Also someone sold the last owner an Edco b/b bearing cartridge with a too wide body.

Also I wonder what a Lüders bike, Modell Lüders (Lüders type), can be. Either it´s a joke which I have stopped finding funny after my second Lüders, or… well, whatever. Modell Profi (Pro type), Modell Galibier, Modell Record – but a Lüders Modell Lüders sounds silly.

The bike is kitted out nicely:

However, coming from the same owner as the Columbus monster, it did have its small issues:

I don´t know where the titanium seatpin went; possibly there never was one. What I do know is that I dislike the lever. The correct Campag item came off the Columbus monster, so in this area all is well now.

This snap shows three things: Firstly why there was the horrible lever for seat height adjustment, secondly that the extension was re-used, and thirdly it explains the many nicks and scratches in the paint. When I first viewed the bike it had a number of those Mallorca holidays stickers, removed by the cycle dealer I bought the bike off. The paintwork must have suffered in transit. The lever facilitated transport, and the extension must have survived the changeover from whatever was on the frame originally to Record Titanium in 1999.

The red one now has a rear width of 130mm, the yellow one of 126. As the frame numbers show that the yellow one is one yer younger than the red one, the red one must have had its rear dropout width widened when it got the new Titanium groupset in ca. 1999.

Here´s Lüders´ horse, looking quite like a Ferrari horse. It´s to be found here,

here, and

here. I think that even for 199o the frame is of a rather conservative construction. Rickert had advanced beyond this. Again, note the quality of the paintwork.

OK, what will prevail? My curiosity to try out some of the Record equipment on the Randonneur or the idea to try and assemble a complete Record 9sp. groupset to gloat over and guard for posterity? Not clear yet.


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  1. Björn Ostrowski
    Posted June 26, 2012 at 7:44 am | Permalink | Reply

    Hi Toni,

    das Lüders ist schon sehr schön, einfach klassisch auch mit dem Ferrari-rot.

    Lg Björn

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