A Red from Dortmund

Just for purposes of comparison I´m adding some snaps of my mid nineties

It is a huge bike standing 67cm c/t tall. I can just about ride it, and it´s not bad, I have to say.

The frame has many more modern features than the Lüders, although the Lüders is a few years younger than the Rickert. Both have 130mil rear dropout width, but the Rickert came with 8sp. parts whereas the Lüders had the full (excepting the seatpin) Record Titanium 9sp. groupset fitted, so I can´t imagine the Lüders frame having been built to a budget.

The Rickert is that tall that the first owner chose to have no head transfer fitted but another seat tube one. Looks very odd indeed.

These transfers came in sheets (as they often do), so Rickert must have sacrificed a second one. Björn Ostrowski of NRW-Klassiker.de kindly sent me one for which I´m very grateful. BTW, his webpage is developing into a fascinating resource of German cycling.


Rickert himself chose the tubing:

The “designer select” privilege meant that the builder was able to make a choice from several different frame tube sets. In this case Rickert will have chosen tandem rear triangle tubes, and certainly an oversized diameter top tube. The bike´s first owner said that Rickert fabricated some of the lugs himself.

The frame was made after Rickert´s shop had had its 40th anniversary:

The frame has other specialities. There is the typical Rickert way of strengthening the chainstays. I´m a bit doubtful if it really makes all that much of a difference.

If you look closely you can just about discern an oval plate brazed under each seatstay just aft of the bridge. The things are rather hard to photograph.

This is easier:

It looks like a larger Italian fork crown tang. It´s too wide to be that; it also must have been made special for this bike.

The seat cluster is also way better constructed than the simple solution found on the Lüders. Note the thinned seat lug tip on top of the top tube. Lüders of course had his own seat stay tips with the engraved horse; maybe that made a difference.

This also is a feature which is lacking on the Lüders.

Now over to the vast expanses of chrome. Surely chrome could have been ordered on the Lüders, so that´s just something the first Rickert owner splashed out on whereas the first Lüders owner chose not to.

Here´s part of the fully chromed front fork, and the front Record brake caliper…

… and some of the works at the rear. Note the modern rear dropouts. Same system at the front. Lüders still used standard Campag ones.

Two more parts from the groupset. Not much leeway for changing chainwheel size here.

And that´s it for today.


One Comment

  1. Björn Ostrowski
    Posted June 28, 2012 at 9:03 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Hi Toni,

    Sehr schön das Rickert und riiiiiieeesig…auch mit der c-record…wenn du willst kann ich dir vielleicht einen Aufkleber fürs Steuerrohr organisieren, denn es ist schade das dort ein Sattelrohrdecal klebt. Wahrscheinlich weil Hugo es nochmal neu lackiert hat irgendwann… ich schätze mal ´95 weil er ´55 angefangen hat…

    Lg Björn

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