Crows and Hind Legs

On a fleamarket I found a number of vinyl discs some days ago, among them Hannes Wader´s 1974 Plattdeutsche Lieder, (Low German Songs). Having grown up in the sixties in a high German speaking family, but in a village where native speakers of Low German abounded, I can understand a lot of the lyrics on the disc as the dialect Waders uses (grew up in Bielefeld, but learned a Northern German dialect later in life – a bit artificial if you ask me) is roughly similar to the one I know.

There´s the song about the vain hare called Matten who tries to dance on his hind legs. Along comes the fox offering to take the lady´s part, and bringing the crow to play the fiddle. Here´s the wonderfully laconic last stanza:

“Lütt Matten gev Pot, de Voß beet hem dot;     Little Matten gave him his paw, the fox bit him dead

un sett sik in Schatten, verspis de lütt Matten:    and sat down in the shadow to eat little Matten:

un de Krei, de kreeg een van de achterste Been”   and the crow got one of the hind legs.

That´s basically what I busied myself with on Sunday afternoon, taking both the crow´s and the fox´s parts. Lütt Matten was played by one of the recently acquired Lüders bikes. While the bike hadn´t tried a wheelie it still had been so vain as to pretend to be a nice racing bike.

First, the frame still retains its original 126 mm rear dropout width while sporting Campag 9 speed parts requiring 130 mm. Next, there was no complete groupset, but a mixture of Veloce, Racing Triple, older Chorus and very old Super Record. Also there were some really horrible bloopers like confusing brake and gear outer cables, having the rider running the risk of bursting a gear outer with the brake inner inside when braking hard and needing the brake most. Makes your hair stand on end.

As the paintwork hadn´t survived too well, I decided to give the bike the chop and sell on the frame and those parts I can´t use, which has since happened. I have also used the Edco Competition b/b bearing for my Ellis Briggs Randonneur. This is a definite inprovement over the old and somewhat shaky Veloce cartridge.

Here´s an example of the paintwork.

Just like the red one.

Something that went into my box; it´s Record, I think.

This will also go onto my Ellis-Briggs Randonneur very soon; it will replace the inferior Veloce unit. Have to clean the road rash up, first, though. The brifters also were good, they also are spares for my son´s and my bikes.

And something else for the spares box.

Sold on already.

So, all in all, having had the yellow Lüders for a few weeks (the red one will stay until further orders) and having been able to explore Lüders history as far as I got was a nice experience plus the Lüders will leave traces on the bike I use most as well as in my spares box. Success.

Oh, re little Matten: In real life I´m a vegetarian.


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