50th, really

So you ride along towards the end of yet another century, nice people, nice route, as mostly, and suddenly you see this:

OK, the last hammer (= steep rise) going up 70 meters in 900, you´ll manage. One more funny thing is that after you have ascended and decended it again, there is a road usually forbidden for cyclists, but today an exception has been made for the run.

So you ride on merrily where no other cyclist has ever dared ride before, and the end is near. You get off the bike, concentrating on the piece of cake waiting for you, and while parking your bike your eye hits on this, somewhat blurry scene:

Can it be true? Can someone really be using a 50th anniversary crank on a bike used for century rides? Seems so. Then you note this,

and this

and this

and this

and you think you´re dreaming. While you frantically take snap after snap, asking yourself why there´s a 20 year too young Somec frame in the picture all the time,

the owner of the bike comes by and yes, it is a complete 50th anniversary groupset, yes, with a black suitcase and a document stating a serial number, but no, it wasn´t expensive. It had come from a pawnbroker´s auction, new and unused, and just at a time when the owner had wanted a racing bike.

How lucky can you get?


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