History is not only bikes

A fortnight ago there was a century ride in a place about 75km from here, called Buldern. It´s in the vicinity of Münster.

As you find them all over Europe, there is a nice central square with some old and not so old buildings. Usually starting places are in schools somewhere in the periphery of a town, but Buldern isn´t all that big anyway, so we started from the village museum and meeting place.

If you look closely, you can discern the yellow Rickert from the previous post leaning to the village map in the bottom right hand corner of the photo.

Also as you find them all over Europe, there is a monument to those who died in darker times. In Buldern, it´s big and right in the centre of the village. There are names of victims of three wars; 1871, 1914-18, 1939-45, all over the monument, with numbers of victims rising exponentially with each new war. So when people ran out of space, they used the ground at the rear. Buldern was a medium sized village, after WWII there can´t have been many men left.

The time when the monument was built is easily seen when you look at this part:

The helmeted bust dates clearly from the twenties, maybe the early thirties. It was a time when the Great War was used in propaganda to prepare the German people for the next, bigger war, which, BTW, came to Buldern in the spring of 1945 when the Allied forces liberated Northern Germany.

Buldern being the only place I know where a ride starts right next to a war memorial I thought it worth a mention, but now here´s two rather nice bikes.

First a very pretty Tommasini.

Next, there is a Sancineto. I must admit I have never heard the name, but the rear triangle/seatcluster treatment is remarkable.

The quick release might serve a purpose, but it certainly is ugly.


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