Salt ´n´ Rosa

Two runs rolled into one post; one with a wonderful bike, the second with wonderful company. Let´s start with the latter: Thank you for a great day, boys and girls.

We started from picturesque Bad Rothenfelde, a small spa town just south of Osnabrück. They have a very nicely wooded park

and something called a Gradierwerk

right in the middle of the town. There are sources of salt water which were formerly used to produce, you guessed it, salt, but are now an asset to the spa because of their healing powers. The Gradierwerk consists of a wooden structure covered in thorn bush branches, over which the salt water from the sources is poured very slowly to enhance its salt contents (from 5 “grades”, or per cent, to 25), after which the salt water used to be boiled until the water had evaporated and dry salt was left. Nowadays inside the Gradierwerk there is a room in which salt water spray is used for inhalation purposes, and of course the huge wall like construction is a tourist magnet; see the pedestrians in the background.

The weekend before there was an absolute marvel of a bike (frame) in one of the runs. A local university student rode it; she had bought it cheaply some time ago for her fitness tests (she´s taking a PE teaching course).

The owner promised to clean it and to be careful with it until she will sell it to me, whenever that may be.


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