Underdeveloped Awareness

Imagine that: Someone finds a 1983 Porsche in a barn, nice car, well kept, no major work necessary to put it back on the road. He decides to use it as long as it falls to pieces, because it´s just an old car. Who wants a 30 year old car, anyway. Or an old motorbike, say a 750 BMW from the seventies. Just an old motorbike. Ride it into the ground, get out what miles it has left in it, nobody cares. Or an old Gazelle racing bike, strange parts hanging on the frame, black Campagnolo stuff with just 12 speeds, ride it until it won´t work any longer and then scrap it.

Which is the more likely to happen? Quite clear. I think this is a good example of lacking bike awareness. It´s just a bike, after all.

Also people often can´t imagine that there is a group of riders/collectors who have an eye for detail and who would like to ride a well kept 1983 Gazelle with an unmolested SR groupset just as much as others would like a 750 BMW or a sports car. It´s just an old bike, after all.

This is the bike I´m speaking about. Luckily the owner saw my point. I think it helped when I told him that there was a value to the Gazelle.

Ok, granted, not the top of the line model, but

not too bad, either.

Some frame construction details:

And some snaps of the SR groupset.

Well over the limit, it seems to me. But then the owner wasn´t too sure how old the tubular cement on the rims was, either.

PAT 83, it says.

Not Campag, but nice too:

And lastly this:

All black, I hear you say? Yep, and this is the reason. Ground plane and re-engraved:

Still, we had a nice day riding a hilly 115km with the bunch one of which was the owner of the Gazelle. Thanks, boys. Hope to meet you soon. Rheda on Saturday, perhaps?



  1. Posted August 6, 2012 at 11:25 am | Permalink | Reply

    I’ve got a similar vintage AA frame Gazelle – truly a wonderful rider! Good to hear this one is still on the road.

    • Posted August 7, 2012 at 7:45 am | Permalink | Reply

      Of course in principle it is good to see those bikes on the road, but it´s always problematic when use leads to misuse because of a lack of understanding or information. In this case I have done my best to enlighten the owner, anyway.

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