News from Dortmund, Seattle, and Kansas

There´s three blogs/websites I have discovered recently, all of them after being told of their existence by their owners, as my internet abilities still remain rather rudimentary. One of them is brand spanking new, and certainly will become an interesting source of specialized info, given the enthusiasm displayed by its owner: It´s on bikes built in the Ruhr area of Germany. Of course as soon as one hears this, names like Rickert, Schuhmacher, KRABO and others come to mind. The Ruhr, and especially Dortmund, used to be and still is a hotspot of cycling activity.

There is a great photo gallery already, so I can just say: Go ahead and pay Björn a visit.  NRW-Klassiker BTW means that the site is about classic bicycles from Northrhine-Westphalia, a state/county in the North West of Germany, the heart of which is the Ruhr. Well, I guess inhabitants of the Cologne area would object, especially as that city also is a major centre of cycling, but let´s not haggle.

One more blog on bikes is Jan Heine´s web equivalent to Bicycle Quarterly. Published about as far away from Dortmund as is possible, in Seattle/WA, I personally think BQ is the best cycling mag anywhere at the moment, Jan´s cycling blog nearly equals this on the net. It offers info on the issues I need most; steel frame building, or mostly steel, randonneuring, French cycling history, info on Jan´s cycle parts mail order firm Compass Cycles, and some of the inner workings of BQ. All of it is written in Jan´s usual precise style and underpinned by sound quotations or scientific results from the BQ research team.

Lastly there is another blog which like Jan´s has been going for years, and which approaches cycling in a more artistic way. Mark Anderson is a photography teacher from Kansas, and so it´s small wonder that his pictures are just that. While mine are snaps, Mark´s are pics.

The Early Morning Cyclist finds peace and quiet to utter original thought on cycling and photography, and Mark´s ideas about cycling couldn´t match mine better. He also introduces the bikes in his stable, which are very nice indeed.

Both Jan and Mark have posts on Grant Petersen´s latest book, Just Ride, which are interesting to read and which praise the book. I guess I must get it and write something on it, too.

All three websites/blogs are places in the web I for one will be visiting frequently in the future.



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    Thanks for the kind words!

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