Jolly Green Giant

As an example of a German racing bike frame from the early sixties, this bike can´t be beat.

It was built by a small Cologne based builder who obviously knew his job, using Reynolds tubing and Nervex lugs. The great thing about the frame is that it is in original condition and as a bike it was built up by the current owner sparing no expense. The frame size of 58 cm c/t means that it was first built for someone rather tall for his day.

Of course time and use have left their traces, but all in all it´s rather presentable still.

Also the component combo is choice; one might say pro quality.

Some of the spare parts that come with the bike.

Here´s a component list:

Rufa-Sport ca. 1964, frame size c/t 58cm

-Bottom bracket end chainset Campag Record, 175mm, 151 bcd, 44/53

-2 additional chainwheels 45/51

-Campag Record bronze rear mech

-Campag Record front mech, cable-stop type

-Campag seatpin 27,0mm

-Campag “non-record” Record hubs LF

-Mafac Dual Forge brake calipers c/w correct levers

-new Lyotard Berthet pedals

-new Titan Maes handlebars and extension

-period correct Brooks B15

-Mavic Module E rims

-period correct REG bottle cage


+ parts:

-Stronglight Depose chainset with diverse chainwheels, all hardly used or new

-Campa Record steel pedals, chrome plated

-Campa Record Nabe LF rear w/o skewer

-Mafac brake levers c/w news rubber hoods

-diverse parts like headbearing, shift levers, etc.

Before you think that my photography skills have improved by leaps and bounds let me tell you that the Rufa owner is a professional photographer. Rest assured that the following posts will return to the snap quality you´re used to.



  1. Posted August 11, 2012 at 6:52 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Really – quite an attractive bicycle! There is something about this sort of build that very much appeals to my aesthetic tastes as well as the pureness of functionality.

  2. Posted August 13, 2012 at 8:17 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Indeed. For me it´s the epitome of a bicycle. The by then tried and tested framebuilding as well as components made the huge improvements in bicycle technology (531, centrepulls, parallelogram rear mech, use of light alloys) in the 20 or so years preceding the date of the RUFA for a reliable and fast racing bike – all the developments since, save brifters and click pedals perhaps, are marginal.

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