National Colours, II

A favourite of mine, quite clearly. Bought it off a friend when he moved house and his wife didn´t put up with the bike hanging in their bedroom any longer. He himself got it from the famous second hand department at ten Tusscher in Enschede, Netherlands. If you ever are in that part of Europe, the shop´s a must.

DSCN0441 Kopie

Since I took the photo I have been able to trade a pair of original toeclip pedals for a pair of sherriff´s star hubs, so that´s better now, and I received replacements for the road rashed rear mech and r/h side brake lever. It looks to me as if the first owner took a spill right after buying the bike, and then didn´t bother any more. So now the bike´s in as new condition. I know, it has low flange hubs, but these were original to the bike, the large flange hubs wouldn´t have been.


The front half of the bike shows the colours quite well: Red, white and blue, just like on the Dutch flag. Also much easier to photograph than orange.


Early C-Record groupset with a six speed block.


Hardly used brake blocks, not a scratch in the paintwork anywhere.


Cinelli Volare saddle, also hardly touched.


Front portion of top tube with a rather elaborate internal cable stop…


… and exit. Besides, I find wrapover seatstay cap treatments elegant.


Fork crown with “Gazelle” Gazelle.


Model designation on chainstay.

DSCN0544 Kopie

“Original Gazelle handcrafted” – why is is struck out? What are they trying to tell me?


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