All of the wingnuts hereunder are looking for partners, excepting the foursome which is for swap as is. None of the nuts are for sale; I hope to get rid of some of the singles and to get a few pairs instead, or to swap some of the pairs to get a foursome or two.

Some of the wingnuts have languished in my box for the best part of three decades, so it´s about time I did something about them.

As always, click on pic to enlarge.

When (if?) getting in contact, please quote photo numbers, and don´t hesitate to ask for more snaps. Not that my photography skills would help to make things any clearer, but don´t hesitate to ask anyway.

Here we go.

SAM_06641. These are two fronts and one rear.


2. Two fronts. Perfect for a Hercules. Oops, meant to say, Herse. Get a nut with the book.

SAM_06673. Two fronts, one rear with derailleur clearance.

SAM_06684. Two rears. Look like Renak, but are unmarked. Looking for a pair of fronts, would not like to get rid of these.

SAM_06695. Bunch of rears with derailleur clearance. One used and slightly bent, rest NOS. Marked DFV and 96. Alloy.

SAM_06706. Two WECOs, fronts. WECO was a big components manufacturer in a town where I used to work, near Bielefeld, Germany, where there was a huge cycle industry centre until the early sixties.

SAM_06737. Verma rears.

SAM_06728. Pair of SOVA rears. One´s slightly taller than the other; wonder if it mightn´t clear a low height derailleur.

SAM_06749. More unmarked Renak rears.

SAM_067510. Rears with derailleur clearance in the r/h side one. Looking for a pair of fronts, with or without CPSC balls at the wing tips. I´ve got a front pair with pointed tips marked ESKA, too.


11. Renak rears. Not strictly speaking a pair, one´s marked 33, the other one 10 and it looks slightly different.

SAM_067712. Front Renak.

SAM_067813. Two SMAs, chromed bronze rear, natural bronze front.

SAM_067914. Two slightly different unbranded ones, one front, one rear. Saving grace: They´re bronze. Some of the patina has fallen off, see dirt specks.

SAM_068015. A foursome of unclear provenience, formerly chromed steel. B….. heavy. Will clean up beautifully once replated.

SAM_068116. Pair of Weinmann fronts, alloy. Looking for a pair of rears for these and would not like to get rid of them.

SAM_068217. An alloy wingnut, rear, and a front nickel plated lever nut in vgc; could be twenties. The things I find in my boxes…

SAM_068318. An asymetrical bronze OXO, very old, and an Altenburger. Both rears.

SAM_068419. A bronze Max, and an alloy Moritz, sorry, Gloria. Both fronts. The Gloria I´d only part with in the direst of straits.

SAM_068520. A WECO front and an unmarked rear. Rear´s a bit bent.

SAM_068621. A blue bronze rear and a Villa (?) alloy front.

SAM_068722. Another Villa, NOS, I´d say, and a moustache shaped one, not quite, but quite old. Both bronze.

SAM_068823. A chromed steel rear, marked “152/H-60 Prämeta”. That´s about the maximum number of characters you can fit onto a single wingnut, I´d say. The other one is v. old, and a front.

SAM_068924. Two v. old bronze rears, one with cooling fins, just in case; the other marked Parfait, which it definitively isn´t anymore.

SAM_067125. Two rears, one front, and a lot of rust. Sort of graceful, though. Front will have to be rethreaded.

SAM_069026. They look like it but are not a pair. Both rears.

SAM_069127. Both bronze and rears. One marked L´As, which is hard to believe.

SAM_069228. Single chromed steel front, slightly bent.



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