Happy Anniversary – Sort Of

Here are some snaps of a Masi seen at the Neerkant meet. Not much to write about – good, though uninspired frame, somewhat kitschy groupset, loads of time spent on polishing. According to the owner the bike has about 2,000 km on the clock since new. Although admittedly it´s special because of that, its not my sort of bike, but perhaps there are some readers who like it. Space was too cramped for a full shot.



This bike is perfectly clean down to the slightest detail.



I love the chome highlights, I must say. Great deal of skill in the paintwork.


Yeah, well, eighties taste.




The adjuster bolt has been cut and a slot has been filed into it so that you need a fine screwdriver to reach into the threaded hole in the dropout in order to adjust the wheel.


Excepting the engraving on the seat stay tip, not much special attention here.

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