Neerkant II – Penny Farthing

Here´s one more bike I was able to marvel at. Ever since I found what could easily be the remains of the oldest surviving motorpaced bicycle about 20 years ago (see my Allright post, use the search box in the top l/h corner of the screen) I have a soft spot for those weird machines. This one even has a documented race history – problem is, I forgot what it was.

Perhaps the machine´s owner could contact me and remind me. So many impressions in Neerkant, so little space on my built-in biological hard disk drive.

So just try to enjoy the photos as much as possible, despite my near complete lack of photographic prowess.



Close clearances.


The chainwheel isn´t exactly what one would expect on the crank – and I doubt that this construction ever saw the track as it certainly wouldn´t have passed the scrupulous inspection by safety conscious technical marshalls taking place before many races.



Dürkopp hub (I think) laced up with tied and soldered spokes.







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