It´s Not Steel Framed, No

But still it´s a nice bike. I first saw it some years ago and think that it´s one of the few carbon fiber bikes I can imagine to add to my herd. Jan Heine tested a carbon fiber bike some time ago in Bicycle Quarterly and has now become a member of the Veteran Cycle-Club, so why shouldn´t I post on the fascinating Calfee?

“Fascinating Calfee”. Perhaps I should qualify that. Star Trek is fascinating in the same league as the Calfee. Steel frame randonneurs are fascinating in the same league as Les Enfants du paradis. Got it?

Strangely enough, every time I meet the Calfee riders in an event they invariably are in a hurry, so the snaps are just that. Also I hope readers are still bearing with me after nearly a month´s worth of non- posting – a huge workload, some slight illness, a broken down computer (yes, Macs can have problems too), and May was over before I´d realized. Things are looking up now, though, and I have even booked two places for my son and myself in the new Tour d´historique event in Haarlem, Netherlands, for June 16.








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