It´s Steel Framed, Yes

So you cycle along happily in one of the numerous century events in the area, quite proud of yourself as you watch the cars zoom by, congratulating yourself on being sportingly self propelled, and along comes Martina Uekermann from Herford, riding a Mibo Race K 28/20. Mibo? K? Never heard of it? Neither had I until last year when I first had the pleasure of meeting Martina. Her conveyance is a racing scooter, and Martina pushes it hard, no doubt about it, making you feel quite like a couch potato on your flashy road bike.


If you meet Martina at a control post, she might tell you about her tour of Germany of over 1,000 km, in which she also used the road machine shown here, scooting at speeds of up to 65 kph, averaging roughly 15 kph.

And a fine machine it is, sporting a number of high end parts.




The only issue I could possibly see is this somewhat unelegant corner in the front part of the frame. Am I alone in thinking that this looks like a stress riser?


Anyway, the scooter is fast enough for sure.

And, as if one weren´t enough, Martina has a second scooter, a tourer this time. It´s another fabulous machine, only equipped with fatter tires and mudguards for comfort. It also sports Magura hydraulic brakes.


It has more ground clearance than the racer too which will come in very handy on rough terrain. I hope I´ll be forgiven if I say that the mudguards look definitively cheapish to me, which is something I definitively would mind if I had spent 1,000 Euros on any two wheeler, bike or scooter. One more pair of stays per wheel wouldn´t have broken the maker´s bank.



RollerfrontwhlThe front part around the steering head looks heftier, perhaps due to the fact that it has been designed for load carrying.

Which makes me admire scooter riders like Martina even more.


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