Forgotten Kraut

While clearing the desktop of my computer I found that it had completely escaped my mind that I had the pleasure to meet the rider of this


very nice KRABO (Krautscheid Bochum) some weeks ago. He is into steel frames bikes and, being tall, decided to have a custom frame made some time ago and had Krautscheid build it. The name on the frame is his own; I wonder if he also is a Chaplin fan.

Here are some more details:






The frame looks well tought out and executed though not adventurous; my only criticism being a matter of taste: For better optical balance I personally would have ordered a chrome plated rear triangle, or a partially plated one at least.

Krabo were founded in 1977, and the special thing about them is that they build frames from steel and aluminium as well as carbon fiber. When visiting their website you will think that it´s flawed; when you hit something at the top of the screen (products, about us, prices…) there is no change in the picture, but you have to scroll down to find the new info. Funnily enough the info on prices is that there isn´t any.

Whatever, the KRABO frames I have seen or owned have always been nice.


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  1. Christoph Hinkel
    Posted July 8, 2013 at 1:07 pm | Permalink | Reply

    thanks for this nice report about my new bike. I´m very happy with the decision to choose a custom frame from Günter Krautscheid. And yes, I´m a Chaplin fan, but my name it´s not the only reason, why I love “the great dictator”.

    Warm regards and congratulations for your interesting blog
    Christoph Hinkel

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