Happy Anniversary

After a long summer break and also this being my one hundredth post I have been thinking I might have a look round at what other cycle blogs and websites there are. There are literally thousands of us who blog on their favourite pastime, so if there is anyone who would like to be included in (or, indeed, deleted from) the list to follow, please let me know. I have just picked a few of those sites I read frequently, or should, and, unless you know them already, will leave it to you to discover them. So there will be not many remarks from me, just screenshots to whet your appetite. Also if there are any blogs left unmentioned this does not mean I don´t like them, it´s probably just that I haven´t heard of them. I have left out most of the giants like classiclightweights, classicrendezvous, its mailing list, and Jan Heine´s or Sheldon Brown´s sites, because we know them all anyway.

Although there are no hyperlinks involved in this, let me add that I cannot be held responsible for the contents of the pages mentioned below, or anywhere else in my blog.

First, of course, here is the biggest of them all, at least in Germany. I still get loads of referrals from one mention of this blog about a year ago.


Next, there is a blog run by two people I used to exchange a lot of emails with and who are among the most friendly types imaginable.


This is one of the very few blogs I follow:


Now, a run of screenshots which stand on their own. The first one must not be confused with the firm dealing in vintage bicycles and parts, velo-classic.













The following blog/website has a huge link list which is very helpful, and in general is quite amazing. One soon finds out that English and Swedish aren´t all that distant.



The Schürmann family are responsible for many of Germany`s tracks. Their website is great.


Next there are two blogs which have, for all intents and purposes, been discontinued. I mention the Irish one because I wonder how many readers it could possibly have had to begin with, and the other one because of its name.



Now some websites of firms none of which I have any commercial interest in. The first one has been mentioned prominently in my blog on several occasions, so I just have to include it.


The next one is a small cyle shop in the neighbouring city of Dortmund, just opened about six months ago, and while it is small, with capital letters (17 square meters), the owner not only is a capable cycle mechanic but also a PBP participant. There will be more on the shop in my blog soon.


This one isn´t a shop really, but a very able frame builder. It´s definitively worth a visit.


Strictly speaking, this doesn´t belong here at all, but what the. It´s a good old mailing list, no hyperventilating forum. Here people sign off with their real names, and leave much useful info.

RandonLastly, here is a cycle manufacturer known only to very few people. I hope to be able to report on the firm in the near future, as I recently bought a rather special frame they made.


I don´t know if this is reassuring or disturbing, but I have yet to see a blog design which can convince me to leave my Sandbox.


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  1. Posted August 16, 2013 at 2:29 am | Permalink | Reply

    What a terrific post – there are several resources here that I’ve not previously come across, so I plan to check them out in the very near future!

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