When I was young and still more folish, more than 35 years ago, I used to spend a month of the summer holidays in France with my parents. We went to the Landes département (40) to the beach, often to get rained on, but sometimes for fantastic weather, too, and I still remember many great people we met and many happy hours in the restaurant. In those days, Landes was provincial in the best sense of the word.

Sometimes I was sent shopping for Gazeuse, sparkling water, and my parents handed me a 10 Franc coin, like this:

10Fr front

When I asked our French acquaintances what the strange things were you could see on top of and below the denomination, they said it was a symbol of la France industrielle, a phrase I couldn´t understand at all – France and industrial? With square miles of pine forest around me and not much else, it didn´t occur to me to ask myself where all the Citroens and Renaults came from, leave alone ships and planes and all the rest of it.

10FR rear

When I found this 10 Francs Mathieu coin, named after its designer, in the fleamarket last weekend for the princely sum of 20 Euro Cents, it was the rear of the coin however which struck my fantasy: Don´t the bolts of lightning remind one of the Diagonales, vaguely?


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  1. cliff hunt
    Posted April 8, 2016 at 1:53 am | Permalink | Reply

    thats cool i have one too same coin its a 1977. i got mine when i got a lots of coins got off that been about 3 years ago

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