I really want to get this off my desk. It´s been lying on it for ages, and now it has to go on the shelf.

It is this


book. It´s been published by the John Pinkerton Memorial Publishing fund, or JPMPF, a subsidiary of the British Veteran-Cycle Club. They can be reached on the V-CC homepage.

PinkyThe JPMPF has published a number of highly interesting works, but to my mind the Components Catalogue and its three sister publications, the commented lightweight cycle catalogues, are the best of them all because they are so eminently useful.


The books are crammed with reproductions of catalogues, newspaper advertisements and other sources with the comments in them being very well written.




If there is any criticism it is the changed binding of the Cycle Components volume. The lightweight catalogues had a very handy ring binding, whereas the Components tome has a softcover glue binding which needs more care in use.


The components catalogue was compiled by Steve Griffith, the Boneshaker (TBS) stalwart without whose work TBS would not be what it is. His book is not just a collection of his articles but in its 194 pages the volume has of course a much wider scope, so Steve can let fly, and isn´t it fun to watch one of the foremost experts in lightweights do so.

Another forte of the book is that it collects all those bits of info which you usually have to look up on the net and in old issues of TBS and which you never can get hold of when you need them. You want to know how old your Sturmey three speed is? Go to my article on this blog. You want to check if the 600EX chainset fits your frame? Find a Shimano date code list somewhere on the net. How old is your Williams crank? Look for the yellow piece of paper sticking out of the appropriate issue of TBS unless it has fallen out. No need for all of this any more if you get hold of Steve´s book. And still better: He has improved his TBS articles for the book wherever new info has come to his attention.

So if Santa still has some room in his panniers, you know what to fill it with.


Two remarks pertaining to the blog: Sorry for not having posted for most of this month, but I was sidetracked by writing for the German equivalent of TBS. Also, yes, I know, I should scan pages from books, but I´m in between computers at the moment and snapping is so much quicker.


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