2013 Stats

First, of course, a happy new year to you all. And I think I can say this now, „you all“, as there are more and more of you, which I find flattering.

I just received the annual ride report from WordPress, as usual nicely retro styled


and laced with facts and figures.


There is now an average 1,000 views per month, reckoned over the 23 and a half months I´ve been blogging, meaning that there are less visitors, but as each visitor reads about two and a half posts, it´s still quite a crowd. I´m not doing anything re advertising my blog, like having accounts with all sorts of social media to propagate it, and I´m very sparse with tags, too. I like it this way, and I´m not going to change it. I´m not after high rates, because then I know that visitors mean it when they come, and even more so if they perhaps return.

In 2013, viewers came from 81 countries, which I find amazing. Which Hungarian would want to read my musings? Who from Mongolia? In general I was just fascinated – until my son, who is very à la mode in all things internet – told me that these places are only where the servers are, not necessarily readers. However, I think I have a pretty good idea who my Thai reader might be, for instance.

What I love about bogging is that I am allowed to stumble, to blindly find my way. Would I have thought that the reports on the French cyclist riding from Copenhague to Paris would prove interesting for so many of you? Did I guess when writing about it that Marten Gerritsen´s Open Day would net the highest view rate in my nearly two years of blogging? No.

Everywhere else we all need to be scientifically precise, innovative, and as perfect as possible – at work, else there´ll be trouble; in traffic, else you´ll get killed, and so on. Blogging is one of the few activities in which I don´t have to think about too many things, still people seem to appreciate what I´m doing, and I guess that´s why I´m feeling so flattered.


  1. Herman
    Posted January 1, 2014 at 2:20 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Well there is Hungary and there is Mongolia but don’t forget the beautiful Sint Annaparochie in Northern Netherlands. Looking forward to your following blogs han there’s lot of information of interesting bikes (Miele, marvellous!).Happy New Year to you and the yours too and looking forward to the next blog. Greetings Herman

    • Posted January 2, 2014 at 9:42 am | Permalink | Reply

      Oh no, how could that escape me? I forgot to mention Sint Annaparochie. Sorry.
      Anyway, thank you for your kind words, and I´m glad you like my posts.

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