Cycling Illustrations

Here are two illustrations I found at a fleamarket the other day. They are from


“The Gentleman Driver”, a short-lived but nevertheless interesting 1920s publication. Deutsche Nationalbibliothek lists it as having had a run from Jan 1924 to May 1928. It was the official newsletter of the German Motorcycle Association MvD.

It seems that motoring magazines have not changed much in their attitudes towards cyclists:


Under the Title of Incorrect Behaviour the picture is captioned with a remark that even in today´s traffic, the young are becoming ever more cocky. I´d rather think that the boys are displaying a remarkable feat of mastering their cycles.

The next pic is of course completely unconnected with cycling, but rather funny.

HKoffIt seems that the Dutch police force were bearing down on youngsters riding in boots because they caused accidents and damage to motor vehicles. What I´m asking myself is: How did they get in? Red lights? Flagging the driver down under false pretexts? Anyway, I must try this myself next September when there will be a large veteran car meet in our neighbouring village.

Flashback, 1925 to 1889.

WTitelA lovely hand bound copy of a booklet commemorating a long-forgotten jubilee by a not quite forgotten German royal house. Inside, lots of drawings of the festivities, among them this one:

WS&NSeidel & Naumann were a firm who produced many different models of typewriters (German writer Erich Kästner used one), sewing machines, and of course bicycles.


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