The Dürkopp Contrast

Here are a few snaps of a ca. 1958 Dürkopp sports, mainly to show what great frames the other two Dürkopps I have are ( and Look out for differences in the fork crowns, the chainsets and of course the braze ons – in this last point the black bike pictured below weighs in quite well because of the rings that hold the Simplex cables. Also the beautifully lined rims are worth noting.


The bike pictured below was not very well kept, had a number of unoriginal parts (saddle, tyres…) and in general was not worth saving. Among other problems the chainstays had been badly squashed flat by the aftermarket kickstand.


The bike has since been broken for parts and mostly been passed on – except for the rear hub of course, which will eventually find its way onto my 1950s road frame, and some other bits.


It can be safely assumed that Dürkopp had a number of high quality rear hubs left and used them up in the late fifties when the bicycle market definitively was moving from one low point to the next, so the Dürkopp rear hub (possibly made by PWB anyway) and the Union front might very well have been original.

Also the black sports was rather later than the two racing frames – some of the simplifications on the black one may stem from that and not necessarily from the fact that it´s a relatively simple sports bike and not a more expensive road bike.

DAChainwhl DSbbmarks DScableeyeseatstay DScableeyeseatstaytop DScableeyett DSChainguard DSchainhook DScrankmark DSfthub   DSforkcr

DSheadb DSlock DSmascot DSrearder DSreardo  DSrim DSseatcl DSSimplexshifter DSwingftdo


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