WECO Bivalent – sort of

Classicrendezvous – who could do without it. People say there has been the possibility to post pictures – I have yet to see, or find out how to post one, however.

There has been a recent discussion about bivalent hubs – here´s one which is special and which people most certainly haven´t seen before. It is a WECO prototype given to my by the firm´s owner years and years ago when I visited the premises. As I don´t know how to show my hub to  CR members, I´ll have to take the detour of my blog. Besides, this approach should net another half dozen of clicks.

WECO (Wehmeyer & Co) were known for decades as furnishers of cheap, but reliable bicycle components, mostly to do with bearings – hubs, pedals, but also roller-skates. They were situated near Bielefeld and supplied their products to the local cycle works.


You fix the wheel to the frame with the help of the hex nuts – the seeming q/r lever isn´t one; it is turned to unscrew the hub from the smaller part which stays in the frame. The hub is of all annular bearing construction.Wecosurf Wecounscrewed


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