On the Road

Being blessed with glorious spring weather and some free time I took the newly restored Miele Model 112 for some rides last week. First I undertook a longer shakedown ride (which revealed that I will have to do some more work on the three speed).


Mi60Schlede Mi60Schledetor

A few days after that there was this season´s first ride in the RTF series (which revealed that I really have to do some more work on the three speed). I decided that about 80 km was enough, not having done any winter training at all, and I just enjoyed the bike, the ride, and the good company.


It took me about four hours to complete the nearly 80 km, two feeding/control stations, some stops for photos and one to help a rider out with a decent pump. The bike rides nicely, it can actually be quite fast and you don´t even have to push too hard. I think the alloy rims contribute a lot to this effect with the originals being heavy painted sheet steel. Also I appreciated the fat tires (original size) on the predominantly bad roads.

Mi60ZielJust when I leant the bike to the sign saying “finish” and pressed the button on the camera, there was a loud noise – two unattentive cyclists had crashed into each other, not at any considerable speed, but at least one of them was lying in the road in pain for quite a few minutes. You can see other riders looking after him seconds after crashing.

On the way I encountered some sort of diesel engine or tractor museum – can´t really say as it was closed. The diesel monsters in the parking lot were impressive, though.

Mi60JamoI haven´t a clue what this engine is – couldn´t find anything on the net and also I´m not really into this type of machinery. What I found intriguing was that the beast seems to have been made in the Soviet Union/Russia:


It says “YA M” on this rocker cover. The badge gives instructions on how frequently to clean oil and fuel filters. As the intervals are given in hours rather than kilometers my guess is that this engine is not from a vehicle. Also there is the very useful hint that one should service the engine according to the maker´s instructions. Who´d have thunk.Mi60JamoSchildBut I certainly wouldn´t want to sign off with something as un-bike-like as a diesel engine, so have a look at this:

Mi60WissThere´s times I envy Californians their weather, and there´s times I don´t.


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