A Mystery

Dear me, in what area of human life were the early eighties not a low point?

Again, a vinyl record sleeve is telltale. This time it´s the 1982 Hot Chocolate “Mystery” record which shows bikes.

MystfrontfullHere they are in all their post bike boom el cheapo glory. Four of them are Raleighs, and I´d be grateful to hear from anyone who can identify the last bike. It´s the one which is so savagely kicked in the chainblade by its non-rider.

MYstkickWhat is nice about these bikes? The Weinmann centrepulls on the blue cycle, but I guess that´s about all, excepting perhaps the typically British lamp brackets on the front forks. And, maybe, as some sort of smirk of history, the short mudguards.

MystorRalCertainly not the brake levers, nor the chrome rims, both of which seem to have been invented with the sole purpose to keep people from cycling by making it suicidal.

MystbluehbarsAnd look at this one: Bike straight out of the box, bars not fitted properly and probably still loose. For good measure, here´s the rear of the sleeve:

MystfullrearThe chap in the middle proves again he´s not a cyclist really by putting his foot on the chainwheel. Also, am I mistaken or do some of the bikes look too small for their riders?

Dear me.


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