What´s in a name?

OK, I shouldn´t complain, or even comment, what with my blog´s name being Russian and all. But “itstartedwithafight.de”? What started? What fight? Has it ended yet? Mysterious.

It´s a bike blog, would you believe it, and a great one at that. It actually has real, paid for ads. And it´s local to where I am. And it´s made by the only bike blogger I ever spoke to in person.

ISWFTopThere´s a wide choice of topics, ranging from bike politics and technical matters to – wall mounted cycle storage devices. Another one of those mysteries? Don´t think so.

The riders I met at todays´s CM (see following post) were most of them young, university or even college students, and had great bikes. They have little space, typically, and also little reason not to keep their steeds in their accomodations. Wall mounted bike storage devices, bingo.

ISWFchoiceAlso Daniel, the blog owner, has been instrumental in erecting a Ghost Bike, Osnabrück´s first, in the place where a cyclist was killed recently. He has been mentioned favourably for this in the press.

Bildschirmfoto 2014-04-25 um 21.57.46

So if you have any German at all, try one of Germany´s most influential bike blogs (it has just been voted onto a list of 50 of them), and let´s hope it doesn´t end too soon, whatever it was that it started with.

And don´t ask what rank on the shortlist my blog made. The jury didn´t even know it existed <sigh>.


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