An Old Friend

Imagine you are rung by a friend who tells you he´s just bought a bike for you which he has seen in a newspaper small ad. This must either be a very good friend or chances are that he is no longer any sort of acquaintance. This one still is a friend.


So he says on the phone that he has found a very cheap but good quality road bike, Rossin framed, hung with a mixture of all sorts of stuff, but very probably originally sold by a legendary bike dealer, long deceased, in a neighbouring town. There were some telltale signs, like the choice of headset and the spacer:


And it´s 64 cms frame height. Built from extra strong Columbus tubing, and with an extra long top tube. Wasn´t it just what I was looking for, so shortly after getting into cycle sport again after some years absence. It was.


The bike quickly proved to be very able, a great hillclimber (it definitively “planes” if I may use Jan Heine´s diction), and quite fast. I just loved it. The only problems with it were that it is a road bike with no space for mudguards and with a racing gear ratio. Still, I stuck with it for some seasons, with its mixed bag of bits, and it served my purpose well until I bcame fed up of being wet and muddy even after the slightest rainfall.

I then graduated to a real randonneur ( and the Rossin got laid off and parked in the cellar. As a recompense I had repeatedly promised the old chap to be made over with Super Record stuff, something that happened a few years later when I chanced on a bike thrown together with just what my Rossin lacked.

Rbb Rbkbridge Rbottlecageeye RbridgechainstaysRdowntube RforkcrRlwrheadlugRseatclRRonbbshell RRonlwrheadlIt is a nice frame, no doubt about it.

RchainwhlRftchgRhbarsRrearbk Rrearchg Rreardo RrearhubRsaddleRseatpin RshiftleverNow I keep promising the bike to ride it again, or clean it, for that matter. I´ve nearly made my mind up to take it to the Haarlem/NL Tour d´Historique in June, but let´s see what happens until then.



  1. Posted April 26, 2014 at 11:31 am | Permalink | Reply

    This is a familiar story for me!

  2. Posted April 26, 2014 at 12:02 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Having bikes bought for you sight unseen or not finding time to clean them? 🙂

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