Very British – Some Sturmey Archer Goodies

In order not to be forgotten completely I thought I might give my blog a quick blast. What´s quicker than getting at The Sturmey Box, taking a few snaps and posting them. Besides, I´m running out of complete bikes to post in the My Herd category. Also some people might say that these bits are quite nice, so I hope you´ll enjoy the photos.

Let´s start with some cute little items which are aftermarket, but I love them. Despite of them having ball ends on the levers I wouldn´t say they´re post-CPSC, but if they are, I promise to still like them. First the rear, Sturmey replacement levers, weighing far less (15g) than the original wing nuts (27g, left rear) because they´re light alloy:

GBrearrect GBversAnd, of course, there´s a matching front pair, too.


Next, something I´ve always thought was really rather rare, to use Hilary´s words, but at least the hubs bearing the same “Patent Applied For” don´t seem to be. The thing is that this trigger must be 1938/9 as no patent number had been allocated to it yet.


The trigger following this one was black, had a patent number, and – like the no patent number one – the ominous spring that stuck out of the body and was lost so easily. It is late forties/early fifties.


The third trigger in this row definitively is hen´s teeth. The ASC was the only post WWII Sturmey hub that could not take the standard triggers.


This is the hub that goes with it:


And this is the quick release toggle chain connector which allowed you to re-fit the rear wheel after repairs without having to adjust the three speed.


Lastly, there´s this triple sprocket, again aftermarket and non-Sturmey, but useful if your name is Lauterwasser or if you want to convert your three speed rear wheel to a nine speed.

Tripleft TriplerearRight, done for today. There´s going to be a book review next – I hope.



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