This is what travelling should be like – meeting old and making new friends, cycling, great weather, beauty spots.

It´s nearly a month ago that I paid a short visit to the UK – time flies. Together with a friend of ours I went on two remarkable cycling tours; nothing adventurous or overly ambitious, but for me as an anglophile just the thing. Some photos I took on these rides are in this post.

The whole stay started with some sort of mini cruise. Crossing the channel can be quite nasty, in bad weather for example, or when it´s crowded. But in early July there was not much happening, and the weather was just fantastic.

BESailbBECliffsBEcruiseEven the atmosphere in the Port of Dunkirk, usually not an inviting place like all non-pleasure ports, had been glossed over, also by a chance encounter with a very interesting travelling companion who shortened the crossing with more than the usual small talk.


Cyclingwise, first there was a V-CC run taking participants across the Cotswolds, an area of great natural beauty, but as parts of it have become rather fashionable of late (London is relatively close), people with a lot of money have moved there, making the area something of an understated Disneyland in places. Still, it´s wonderful place to be in and I´m very grateful for our friends to make it possible ever so often.

BEBurfThis is Burford, the town we started at. Looks nice and oldfashioned, but try and cross the road in the picture…

BEanderesDorfMore places we passed through, and mid day break was in a very nice pub. Good food, good company, a well-chosen route – a wonderful day in all.

BEgpfotoBEsmallgpBEKSBack at home, I had scrounged a few copies of the current issue of the German Knochenschüttler old bike mag to give away, and here´s what a participant in the run had to improvise in order to cart it off on his road machine.

Next, two days later, our friend took me to see another friend of his who has a very high quality collection of lightweights. There will be some photos of them later. The ride there and back was just a “tootle round the lanes”, to quote our friend. Nevertheless, we had some marvellous views and a great time.

BEcricketBEElizbhouseBEroofsBEsignpostBEThamesferryAnd what river is this? Yes, it´s the Thames. And there even used to be a ferry in this place.

As I said before, this is what travelling should be like.


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