Claudine Butler

On my recent trip to the UK I was able to take part in a V-CC run, in which there also was a beautiful original 1950s Claud Butler Avant Coureur Special Ladies – top notch.

SCfullThe whole frame building, as well as paintwork with double box lining and the build is just the finest you can hope to see anywhere.

SCbb SCfrontSCrearbk SCseatcl SCseatt

This must certainly be bilaminated, even if the headlugs and the b/b aren´t.SCseatttransfThere were so many other bikes in the run, and there was such a lot of talking to do, that I couldn´t snap any more details, sorry.



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    She is one terrific Claudine Butler! I am thinking about upgrading my Peugeot UO-18 mixte to a nicer all-531 frame, but would be terrified of ruining a great finish like that one in using my bike as an around-town “truck.” I need something of a lesser pedigree, perhaps, or something that already looks more “well-loved.”

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