The Art of the Tricycle

The same collection where the Selbach resides also houses two tricycles, one of them a really marvellous

DFoldsdownttransfFolds not only was a great framebuilder, but he also had his own ideas about making a tricycle rear axle, using steerer tubes and headsets.

DFoldsdiffDFoldsrearaxle DFoldsrearaxleright DFoldsrearderThe rest of the bicycle is not only ingenious, but more elegant, too.

DfoldsfullIt was used by Folds himself and had to be rescued at some time.

DFoldsbbDfoldsseatclDFoldsBrooksseatpin DFoldschainsetAll components are of very high quality.

DFoldsheadclipDFoldsshiftleverIt´s a fascinating machine.

Also very nice, mostly because of its neat construction, is the Grubb, in the same herd again.

DGrubbfull DGrubbhead DGrubbrearaxle DGrubbseatcl



  1. Sergio Montes
    Posted August 18, 2014 at 12:15 am | Permalink | Reply

    Again, a question. I can see a rear brake lever on the Folds trike, but how is the rear brake actuated? On the axle somewhere? I had once a short experience of riding a trike at Stratford on Avon and was totally disconcerted by the lack of any steering input on the trajectory. Brakes, double on the front wheel, were almost non-existent, at least in my hands…It seems riding trikes requires a well developed art.


  2. Posted August 18, 2014 at 4:31 pm | Permalink | Reply

    Sorry to say there isn´t a rear brake – that´s one of the issues that have killed trikes off, or never let them become overly popular in the first place. You can have drum brakes in the rear, which makes a construction necessary to take the torque lever, or maybe your trike is on fixed, but even that isn´t possible if it´s a single side drive.
    I can remember having seen a tandem trike back in the eighties with three brakes on the front wheel, and none in the rear (drum, caliper fore and aft the fork crown).
    Art indeed.

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