Still Older Than the Bike

Last week I took my Dürkopp on another shakedown ride. I worked it a little harder than before, so I think I can now say that it rides well; the frame is responsive in spite of it being too small for me and rather stiff, which I like. It goes where you point it even on descents and in sharp bends. The AR feels lovely and smooth and changes well. Let´s hope it stays that way; I wouldn´t want to start hunting for spares for this really rare hub.

I fitted a TA bottle cage to the handlebars and a handlebar bag as a small saddlebag under the saddle rails. I think that with these the long stems don´t look all that lanky anymore.


The light was quite warm, so I took my camera along and made a point to visit some sights near the place where I live. I started off at the Sundermannsteine which are the remains of a 5,000 year old neolithical burial place. They are situated near a road with a speed limit of 70 kph, and when re-mounting my bike after taking the snaps, a car zoomed by at a speed which felt like double that. I was glad not to have been on the road at that moment.

DSteingr3 DSteingr2 Dsteingr

I then went to visit a very old church. It´s named after St. Dionysius and was erected in the middle of the 13th century making use of a still older building. It has been extensively re-built since, but many structural parts are 800 years old.


The cemetary which had been in use since the ninth century was given up in 1922. It was moved a hundred metres down the road.


Here our forebears found their last resting places 800 – 1922

So with nice weather, a fine bike and a well chosen route, even a lowly shakedown ride can become quite an exquisite pleasure.

Lastly, for those of you who wonder where my ride report of  last weekend´s Huissen Tandjeterug ride is: I didn´t go. I was taken in by the horrible weather forecast which proved only partially true, and also I just couldn´t face the motoring. Taking part would have meant nearly 400 km of driving, and I´m afraid I like driving less and less, fast approaching the point where I´ll just reduce it to the bare necessary minimum for my job, which is about 20.000 km per year anyway. Let´s see if I`ll make it to Amerongen.


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