Kids´ Stuff


“Bluschke” is the private label of the cycle sport shop in the town near to where we are situated

A few days ago our cycling club decided to get rid of two old bikes which had been used as training bikes for young riders years and years ago. Both have been snapped up quickly by their new owners.

One is a kid´s bike which I found remarkable as it has tubs and a complete RX 100 groupset. Once staple diet, these parts are becoming rarer, but they still are more or less indestructible alternatives for riders who want to keep it simple.

Like all hire bikes this child´s bike has had a hard life, but its new owner is a cycle nut who has a lot of knowledge and is a great mechanic, plus he has the daughter to go with the bike, so chances are that it will see a renaissance. Nuff said, here´s some snaps.


xkbshiftlevers xkbseatcl:lack xkbschaltw xkbrim xkbreifen xkbrear xkbkurbellänge xkbkettenbl xkbforkleg:Lack xkbforkcr xkbbrakeleverxkbftder


Taking photographs of this bike made me think about a really cute little thing which has been languishing in my basement for many years.


I bought it in a fleamarket for 30 French Francs while on holidays in Britanny – must be nearly twenty years ago. I had planned it to be my son´s first randonneur, so I got some tires in France in a size unobtainable here. The bike had come without pedals, and at home I realized that the pedal threads were French too, so during our next French holidays I had to get some pedals.


As all dads do, I got the bike with lots of time to spare, and even after I bought the pedals, my son still had to wait for quite some time until he grew into the frame size. I kept the bike in my attic study, and my son would come up ever so often to see if he hadn´t yet grown sufficiently. When he had, we did some beginner´s touring on it, among other things we attended a huge cycle meeting called 1000 Räder Bünde (1,000 cycles in Bünde). Aged 8, my son completed a 25 km course, for which he received a medal.

JM1000RBMedHere´s some details of the Moto-B:


The shop does not seem to exist anymore


Faux lugs


The infamous Delrin


Child-size brake levers

JM3spJMbb JMforkcr JMfrontbk JMfthubJMheadbadge JMrack JMseatclAfter this, my son grew into and out of a 48cm Alan, a 52 cm Trek 5200 which he crashed, though it wasn´t his fault, a 52 cm Gazelle AB, and an Ellis-Briggs Randonneur which he has been using since 2009. Time flies, and the bikes with it.


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