Season´s End

Last weekend it was the end of this year´s century riding season in Germany, not very successful for me, but the two rides on Saturday and Sunday were great. Inspired routes, great company, great bikes. One of which is a Koga Miyara Arabesque which was in the 2012 edition of Eroica. Not many words needed, wonderful craftsmanship and luckily an owner who appreciates this marvel. Cramped quarters and lack of time make this a somewhat incomplete set of snaps.

KAfullKAbbembell KAbrakebr KAchainstaybent KAforkcrKAheadb KAlwrheadl KAreardo KAseatcl KAseatl KAtopheadl KAtubingstickerLastly, two views of the early morning start on Sunday.

HalternNebel Halternsonnenaufg


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