Still More Miele


Over the last couple of weeks I was lucky enough to score two more Miele bikes. One came out of the garden of a fellow club member,


the other one from the small ads.


Both are about the same age, mid/late fifties, both are top-of-the-range Originals, but they seem to have had widely varying fates. While the gents´ bike was painted over at some stage, and then used to display a basket of flowers in a garden for some considerable time, the ladies´ bike has led a more sheltered life.

I must say that I would really like to make the ladies bike into the nice bike it was, and I think there is a good chance that a serious clean, new grease in the bearings and some black wax over the rust may make a great deal of a difference, while the gents´ bike will not even end up as my son´s town hack to be parked at the university campus because the front fork is damaged. Hard to photograph, it is bent just above the fork crown. The bike will yield its b/b and headset bearings, the chainguard, and little else. A series of uncaring owners is to be blamed for this. The ladies´ bike actually seems to be three years older than the gents´ , but it was obviously much better cared for.

The Gents´ Bike

Let´s start with a few pics of the gents´. It has a dented top tube and there are hardly any Miele specific parts left. The unusable saddle is one of those horribly heavy and soft Leppers, the bell is wrong, and so on.


Unbelievably, the Bosch lights are still working, fore and aft. After a re-paint, they will perhaps be grafted onto the ladies´ as its lights are about 20 years out.


Also the spokes will be transferred as the gents´ wheels have at some time been rebuilt with s/s spokes, and those in the ladies´ are rusty.


Many Miele specific small parts, like the rubber grommet in the mudguard, are gone. XGchaing XGcrankrust  Acres of rust after all the time out in the open.XGforkcr XGfthubrustXGhbargrip The handlebar grips are modern, and old ones are not easy to get nowadays. XGlwrheadl XGplungerbksplit

The lower tube of the plunger brake is so rusty that is has split. This is less dangerous than it sounds; plunger brakes were completely useless anyway.XGrack

The rubber inserts which go between the traverse wires are gone.XGrearmudg  This is what the rear mudguard looks like.XGttdentsThe dents in the top tube.

The Ladies´ Bike

It´s a model 512, meaning Miele Original, 28 inch wheel diameter, 52 cms frame size.

In a case like this, grime is your friend.


The oiler is missing its cap, but that is not much of a problem.XLbell

Both on the bell and the cranks, 99 per cent of the chrome will be saved.XLchainguard

The gold lining and the lettering are still there.XLchainguardbolt XLchainwhcrankchrome Hardly any rust here, and absolutely no play in the bearing.

XLchromerimgrimeEven on the chromed rims, which were an expensive extra, underneath the grime…


… there is some chrome left, easily uncovered by a fingernail. Much rust will stay on the rims, however.XLdyntiresize XLlamprefl

Neither headlight nor dynamo are even remotely suitable for a mid-fifties bike. The Miele lighting seen on some of my other bikes was an extra. At the time bikes were sold without lighting. Miele parts were expensive, so many customers chose cheaper Bosch or Impex lighting. The first owner of this bike spent a lot of money on the Original model plus chrome rims, so the idea about the gents´ Bosch equipment might not be good after all. I´ll cross that river when I come to it.XLflammungabblättern

This is bad. The geflammte paint is flaking off. White was sprayed over black, and then specially trained workmen would put on the lining and actually take a small flame to the white paint. Its soot would then be covered with a clear coat. Lots of stages to commit mistakes, which I assume to have happened. Just figured that warranty has run out. Heck.XLforkcr XLfrontmudguardgrime

I guess that underneath all the dirt, much of the paintwotk will be quite good still.XLftdoXLgeptrbef XLheadb  XLlightconnect

The little connector which connects the interior lighting cable to the exterior one coming from the dynamo. XLpletscherpllightgrommetAnd this is where the cable re-surfaces again. Note the rubber grommet which in this case survives. The Pletscher plate holding the kick stand is a hint at the bike being a late production one. XLnetting Also the protective netting still is in place. Its rubbery parts however are not rubbery any longer, letting the netting hanging down slack, so it will have to be replaced. XLpumppegsawedoff

The top pump peg – or what´s left of it. It protruded from the seat lug and must have caused holes in the rider´s clothing. It really is in a daft place, so it was sawed off.XLpumppegstillon

This is the lower one.XLrack

Rubber strips still in place.XLrearlight

Rarely still present: The original rear light. The chrome is gone, however, so it will be painted black.XLrearmudguard

The horse – let´s hope it will come off without either leaving a sticky mess or taking the paint with it.XLsaddle

Original leather saddle in very nice condition.XLtoolpouch

Worth its weight in gold – the tool pouch in good condition. Its leather straps will be easily replaced – only one is moe or less intact and the pouche´s life literally hung by a thread.XLtopsteerhead XLtorpyear

Funnily enough, no frame number could be found. Usually this is in the seat lug, but not this time. I guess I´ll surprised by it jumping in my face when I´ll be busy cleaning. Until then, the little “55” must serve as a hint at how old the bike is.XLUnionfthubNo Miele hub – not that late. The Union hub is great, indestructible, but it´s not the same, is it, not having the “Miele” script on the hub. Neither is it on the pedals. Again, the oily grime will clean up very nicely.

So far, so good. I´ll keep you posted.


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