Rohloff Update

In cases like this, (see and the less one has to say the better – and there is not much to say. Rohloff themselves don´t give a run in mileage, but if you ask how long you should wait until panicking over the noise, they mention 1.500 km. So after having covered roughly this mileage, and nearly a year after my last report on the hub, I guess it´s time for an update.

RIckerfullThere´s some whirring noise still, especially in gears 1 to 8. This has to be accepted it seems, and is not as bad as it used to be – or possibly I´m getting used to it, don´t know.

RhubGearchange is smooth and easy – a cycle dealer who has sold loads of Rohloffs told me some time ago that they all vary in this respect and that my hub is especially good. Good.


On today´s ride I had a puncture in the rear tyre – daft. However, it made me realize how easily the wheel with the OEM hub can be removed and refitted. Undo Magura brake half, undo toggle cables (again very smooth and easy if you know how*, contrary to what you sometimes read on the net), open quick release lever, remove chain from sprocket – bingo. Takes less time doing than writing down. Refitting is not much slower, either. Great stuff, also the Maguras.


Front mudguard is slipping down – need to check that. Isn´t rubbing on anything yet, but looks ugly.

When removing the wheel I also found that there is a slight oil leak again – I had been wondering about the toggle cables being oily of late. Won´t bother to have it done, though – there´s no oil on the basement floor yet.

RfullWhat I still have to say is that the faster you try to go, the more energy is wasted in the hub. That´s not only my personal experience, but has been found out many times with all sorts of gear hubs. I´m not a strong rider, and I notice that I´m quicker up the hills on my derailleur geared bike. However, in muddy conditions

Rmudgthe hub quite clearly comes into its own. It´s the age old argument in favour of all geared hubs. Also the sheer fun of using one of the most complicated yet reliable mechs in the cycling world is something I personally savour.


* Don´t grip the clutches by their stainless steel springs, you´ll block them that way.


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