New Season

What better way to start the new randonneuring season than riding a steel framed bike in brilliant sunshine? I guess people will very soon tell me all about this Sunday having been the warmest March 8 on record and how bad this is, but frankly today I didn´t care. I just enjoyed the gift of the unexpectedly wonderful weather, my son´s company and the landscape.


The Freckenhorst RTF was a great foil to project the enjoyment onto with a good route choice, friendly people and – yes, after all those years, nice food at the control posts.

FrFarm58One of them was on an old farm, the main building dating from the 1870s and providing a spectacular backdrop for the 1958 Miele I chose today.

Frdet58FarmIt still feels strange to park the bike in a row of carbon fiber high tech machines at the control post, but reactions by fellow riders are mostly favourable.


They often ask for the weight of the bike, expecting anything up to 20 kilos, but they never ask for the sense it makes to ride 7 kilo bikes in the flat. Besides it feels good to be admired for riding an RTF on such a bike, riders mostly assuming that it must be hard work, which of course it isn´t due to good tyres and well cared for bearings.

The second control post is reached via a disused railway line.


The post itself is situated right next to a bridge, giving the opportunity to shoot an aerial picture of it without leaving terra firma.


Returning to the start I discovered a Rohloff equipped mountain bike.

FrRohlfullIts well-worn hub surface showed that it must have seen quite some use.

FrRohldethubThat meant that this construction

FrRohlbandlwr FrRohlbandmay have kept up longer than I would expect it to. The band has probably been sourced from a Dutch roadster; it´s the part attaching the front brake drum torque lever to the fork blade on cheaper bikes where a braze on is not used.

Even this little horror couldn´t spoil my day.


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