Impressions from 2015 Neerkant Stalen Ros

After a number of visits to the Neerkant event over the last few years I have the same problem writing up the event I encounter when looking for birthday presents for old friends: What´s new?XNdruk

This time my personal news was that the venue was very crowded, it literally was hard to move between rooms or among stalls. My guess is that the organizers will have to look for a much larger hall soon. Given the prices people seem to be prepared to pay for bikes and parts, I can´t very well imagine anyone objecting to a moderate rise in the entrance fee if better conditions are the cause.

Also I again found it very hard to get a good look at the marvellous bikes lined up in the expo part of the event. It was basically impossible to take decent photos because of the cramped conditions. So one more idea: If the venue changes anyway, why not improvise a photo studio with a choice of the nicest bikes presented there at certain times? The really great pacer for instance which was there yesterday would have been worth a better opportunity for appreciating it.

XNSteherrear XNstehermot XNSteherhead XNSteherfullElse, what was up? I met a number of friends, had lunch with some of them in the neighbouring chippy, and bought a great book (of which more in the near future).

XNStallext XNstallNumerous stallholders offered unusual things for sale.

XNredrimsOne Belgian had brought a time capsule NOS 1980s Motobécane, shrink wrapped and untouched.

XNMotobecnewdet XNMotobecnew

However, some merchandise in the boxes under the tables really was substandard in every sense of the word. Rusty cheapo derailleurs teamed up with cracked Record crank spiders to make for some nasty surprises.

Dutch Gazelle frames abounded, as did Italian ones, with one special all French equipped Mercier catching my eye.

XNMercheadb XNMercgold XNMercallFrenchThere also was a good specimen of a late thirties Helyett with an Osgear, but most photos I took of it just didn´t come out.

XNHelyettrearmechdo XNHelyettdt XNhelettshiftlev XNheadbhelyettSome bikes in the expo were quite rare local brands.

XNHeadberoba XNHeadb XNheabstefiThe stall I took most snaps at was the one with the toys. I just loved the Renault scale model with the dead insect on the roof.

XNReninsThe rest of the toys just were too colourful to pass up.

XNmoddssaf XNModpeugXNMehyog XNMehunico XNMehkakaoWhy is it that I keep ending my Neerkant report with pics of cars?


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