Spring Haul 2: Is This What I Think It Is?

I swapped this

ADfullframe the other day for a couple of vinyl records. The frame has been re-painted quite badly, not only destroying any transfers, but the frame was painted with the chainset on so that the r/h side of it has hardly any paint in the b/b area. Strange.

The only readily visible clue as to its provenience is on the seatcluster:

ADseatclDoes this mean Austro-Daimler? Perhaps even the legendary Vent Noir? The bike pictured on classicrendezvous has the same type seatstay top. It also is chromed, and as the dropout ends on my bike both fore and aft have chrome, I do hope that a paintstrip will reveal acres of chrome on my frame, too.

ADreardoADfrontdoADforkcrAnd the fork crown is plated, too; forgot. So there´s more hope.

The frame is very lightweight, being constructed of Reynolds 531. True, there´s no transfer left, but the fork shows clearly what we´re talking about:

ADR4 ADR3 ADR2 ADR1This imprint is to be seen right around the fork stem, and nice and clear, too, unless sometimes when you can hardly make it out. So let´s assume that the rest of the frame is Reynolds, too. And of course there´s hope for more info when the paint is stripped.

More details:


ADcableeyeseatstay ADbrakebr ADbbThe cable guides on the b/b date the frame to roughly 1970s, I´d say.

A view into the b/b shell shows medium clean work. Also it looks a bit bright for braze in the decisive places – has this bike been silver soldered?


What I find most fascinating, however, is the headlug treatment. Paper thin is actually too thick in places.

ADseatlADlwrheadlVery nice.


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