The Other Day, At Work…

… I spied a very nice bicycle of a not too well known German brand, which has been around for 30 years. I have emailed the firm for more info but have not had a response yet, so here are a few reminiscences accompanied by some photos only.XHdttransf

From what I remember and gather from the internet (, showflat number 54456) for instance), the Herkelmann Velodor series was sold in a German department store around 1995 for just under 1.000 DM. The store chain had obtained the bikes cheaply when Herkelmann went bust after trying to establish an expensive luxury bicycle brand in Germany. More active cyclists at the time thought highly of this experiment, but Herkelmann´s bad luck was that he tried about 10 years too early – at the time the German bike market was still ruled by price alone, and the average cyclist didn´t care a hoot where a bike was built as long as it was cheap.



Conditions in the bike rack were somewhat cramped, but the frame is on.


Simple, but rugged structure for the b/b. The welded construction does not necessarily indicate cheap tubing.

XHbottlecageeyes XHcablestopseatstay



A number of constructional details point towards mountainbike parenthood in this frame.

XHfrontdo XHfrontfork

A number of braze ons on this bike are unused – it would make a great bike for loaded travelling, I guess.


head transfer



Am I alone in being reminded of bilams in this seatcluster treatment?



Clean brazing at the rear dropout.



Strengthening the headrace seats might make sense in heavily loaded touring.


The dynamo is dangerously askew, but a period correct Nordlicht which was very popular before the advent of the generator hub.

Let´s hope that the bike will survive its present role as a ride-to-work-bike. I´ve spoken to the owner and found that he appreciates it up to a point and is aware of the fact that he has a future classic on his hands, so let´s keep our fingers crossed.



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