Colnago Riddle

This bike which I bought at the weekend illustrates the old saying sic transit gloria mundi.


Not having been in contact with Colango bikes much, and being overwhelmed by the sheer avalanche of info available on the net, I have not been able yet to find out what sort of Colnago my frame is, cheap or nice. My guess is it´s a cheap version as the brand name has been stamped into all sorts of frame parts.

Here are some photos:

XCfullThis is what the bike looked like when I first got it.

It sported a mix of a number of Campag groupsets:

XCfrontder XCftbrakecalXCrearderXCrearhubvel

Or perhaps anyone will be able to make head or tails of the frame #?

XCreardoframe#But here´s some frame details.


Simple headlugs, as well as …XCseatcl

… a pretty cheap seat cluster solution.XCschriftrekettenstr


The cast fork crown however is quite nice.XCcablestopchainst XCcableguidett XCbrakebr

All of the above is run of the mill again.XCbblwr XCbb:MavGreat b/b shell – alas someone fitted a Mavic threadless repair unit b/b which took out the first three or so threads on each side of the shell. A quick trial fitting of an Italian thread Campag Record b/b however showed that no serious damage was done, and that the Mavic unit was not installed because of any damaged threads. Strange.

The elderly gentleman I obtained the bike from reported that he hadn´t liked the “garish” white and red original paintwork, so he had it redone. Wonderful idea, especially as the new paintwork hasn´t protected the metal well from rusting.

So, what was this frame´s paintwork like originally, and which tubing sticker would it have carried?


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